Benefits of TaxSlayer Pro’s TaxesToGo App

Woman tax preparer using the TaxSlayer Pro mobile app

Your clients want products that make their lives easier— especially when it comes to their taxes. TaxSlayer Pro’s mobile app, TaxesToGo, does just that, making filing quick and simple both for you and your clients. Here’s how the TaxesToGo app can make the filing process more straightforward for both you and your clients. 

Offer convenience to your customers 

Taxes are probably a stressful topic for your clients. Finding time to stop by your office might be enough of a burden to keep some potential clients from using your services. Our TaxesToGo mobile app gives your clients both the benefit of your expertise and the convenience of online filing. 

No more mailing, faxing, or scanning. Your customers can simply snap a picture of their documents and easily upload them into the app. The user-friendly interface guides them through each step. With no office visits or data entry, the TaxesToGo app provides your clients with the easiest filing experience possible. 

Automatic notifications 

The app saves time for you and your clients with automatic notifications. Your clients will be kept up-to-date with your progress on their return. The app also notifies your clients of questions you may have and when you’ve filed their returns. 

Streamline communication with chat 

Communicate with your clients exclusively through the app’s chat feature. After your client signs the prepared tax forms, they can simply send you a message through the app’s chat feature to let you know.  

Work with remote clients 

TaxesToGo makes it easier than ever to take on remote clients. The ease of uploading documents and communicating through chat dramatically expands your pool of potential clients, allowing you to work with anyone, anywhere.  

This is particularly helpful for tax preparers who target niche tax clients. For example, if you specialize in filing taxes for freelancers and sole proprietors, you may find that your client pool is relatively limited in your local area. The app allows you to offer the same high-quality service whether your client is five or five hundred miles away. 

Increase your brand’s reputation  

The TaxesToGo mobile app is fully customizable. Within just a few minutes, you can add your business’s name and logo and customize the colors and fonts to reflect your brand.  

Putting your company’s name on a user-friendly, aesthetically designed app lends authority and credibility to your business. With customization, the TaxSlayer app becomes more than just software – it’s a branded marketing tool. 

Works seamlessly with your software 

If you’re already using TaxSlayer Pro Premium or TaxSlayer Pro Web, the app is included in your package at no additional cost. Because the app is specifically designed to work with TaxSlayer Pro tax filing software, data transfer is easy and reliable. You won’t have to worry about time-consuming glitches or errors. 

If you’re a TaxSlayer Pro user who isn’t utilizing the TaxesToGo app, our Customer Growth Team would love to show you how the app can help your clients and your business.  

If you’re considering a switch to TaxSlayer Pro software, get in touch to learn how the app is one of many ways TaxSlayer Pro helps you prepare returns quickly and accurately. 

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