Pre-Tax Season Checklist Series – Tax Software Setup

The information in this article is up to date for tax year 2023 (returns filed in 2024).

If you’ve been following our Pre-Tax Season Checklist Series, you’re already well on your way to being prepared for the 2023 tax season. First, you checked off IRS, state, and bank requirements. Then, you made sure your computers and other tech were updated and ready to go.

Note: If you haven’t already addressed the items in our computer maintenance checklist, we recommend doing so before setting up your tax software.

Now, you’ll focus on setting up your most important tool for a successful tax season, your professional tax preparation software. In addition to selecting and installing your software for 2023, you’ll want to ensure that it’s working correctly with your computers, printers, and other tech. If you run into issues, no worries – our industry-leading technical support team is just an email or phone call away. 

Professional Tax Software Setup Checklist

[  ] Purchase or renew your software for 2023

[  ] Install the 2023 desktop program

[  ] Test scanners with TaxSlayer Pro

[  ] Test printers with TaxSlayer Pro

[  ] Test internet connections on every computer

[  ] Set antivirus/ firewall exclusions for TaxSlayer Pro

[  ] Contact TaxSlayer Pro for help updating/ installing prior years

Purchase or renew your software for 2023

First things first. Select and purchase your perfect tax preparation software for 2023. If you’re already a TaxSlayer Pro user, you can renew your software in Account Hub

If you’re new to TaxSlayer Pro, you can compare software packages here. For help finding the right tax software for your business, you can get in touch with our sales team at 1-888-420-1040 or check out our exclusive guide, How to Choose the Right Tax Software.

Install the 2023 desktop program

If you’re using TaxSlayer Pro Web, you can skip this step – all updates are taken care of automatically in the cloud. If you’re using Pro Classic or Pro Premium, you’ll need to download and install the 2023 desktop version of the software.

The 2023 program can be accessed in your TaxSlayer Pro Account Hub under Software Options. If you have difficulties with the installation process, please contact TaxSlayer Pro Technical Support for assistance.

Test scanners with TaxSlayer Pro

Well before your first client arrives, make sure that your scanners function correctly with your TaxSlayer Pro software. Pro Premium and Classic users will need to set up any scanners in their Configuration menu. As always, TaxSlayer Pro tech support is here if you have any trouble configuring your scanners.

Test printers with TaxSlayer Pro

To set up a printer with a TaxSlayer Pro desktop program (Premium or Classic), you will need to go into your Configuration menu and choose the correct printer. Note that TaxSlayer Pro Web does not require you to select your printer as it automatically prints to your default printer.

Whether you use Pro Premium, Web, or Classic, we always recommend printing a few test returns to ensure the printer is working correctly with TaxSlayer Pro. If you run into any issues, our tech support team will help resolve them quickly and easily. 

Test internet connections on every computer

All TaxSlayer Pro programs require a strong internet connection. Before starting the tax season, it is important to make sure the internet connection on each computer in your office is running efficiently. Whenever they are available, we recommend cable, DSL, and fiber internet options.

Set antivirus/firewall exclusions for TaxSlayer Pro

Some antivirus and firewall software will prevent TaxSlayer Pro from performing functions like printing or installing updates. If you haven’t already done so, set exclusions for TaxSlayer Pro within your antivirus software. If you need help, Technical Support can walk you through the process. 

Contact TaxSlayer Pro for help updating/ installing prior years

If you need assistance downloading the prior years of TaxSlayer Pro from your Account Hub, please contact TaxSlayer Pro Technical Support.

To get in touch with Technical Support, you can email us here or call us at 706-868-0985. Even in peak season, we guarantee short wait times and unparalleled customer support to help you resolve issues quickly and get back to work.

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