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Connect with your clients using our mobile tax app

TaxesToGo is our fully integrated app for tax preparers. Now you can prepare your clients' taxes without them visiting your office.

Ready to take your business wherever you go?

We have several resources to help your business become as mobile as you are. Want to see TaxSlayer Pro in action? Request a demo here!

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Learn more about the TaxesToGo™ mobile app for tax professionals

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Prepare more returns in less time from any location

TaxesToGo allows your clients to take pictures of their tax and personal documents and share them with you safely and securely. Then you can chat about any questions you might have, all within the tax app. Discover more ways TaxesToGo™ is revolutionizing tax preparation.

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TaxesToGo app is available to download on Android and iOS. The app is included with TaxSlayer Pro Premium, TaxSlayer Pro Web, and TaxSlayer Pro Web + Corporate.


Fully-integrated mobile app for tax professionals


Eliminate the need for an office visit for those busy clients who can’t be bothered to spend an hour going through forms. TaxesToGo also allows you to work on your schedule, whether it’s late at night or early in the morning. Don’t be trapped by meetings. Enjoy a more flexible work style plus several other benefits of TaxesToGo.


Rather than sifting through a folder of documents, you will have all the documents you need in one location. Once you finish the return, simply upload the PDF to the app and request a signature. No need for your client to come back into the office. And easily complete bank applications remotely.


All of the information shared between you and your client in the tax app is secure. We use multi-factor authentication to make sure your conversations and documents are not at risk.

Create a mobile tax office that is perfect for all clients:

  • Military
  • Single parents
  • Millennials
  • Anyone who doesn’t have time to come to your tax office
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Frequently asked questions:

Does the TaxesToGo app eliminate the need for a preparer?

No. In fact, this app strengthens the relationship between the preparer and the client and increases retention. TaxesToGo is a communication tool between the client and the preparer. Send messages, documents, and signatures safely and securely. The preparer will then fill out the tax return with the information sent over by the client.

Where can my customers download the app?

They can download the app from your unique link, the Google Play store, or the App Store.

How do customers get my branded app?

Your customers will get your branded app by using the custom Referral Link that is created in Account Hub. After they put in their information in the referral link, the app will be branded once they login.

Why don’t I see my branded app in the app store?

Your branded app will not be shown in the app store. The branding is just a filter over the base TaxesToGo app. The branding is applied when the user logs into the app with the information entered on the Referral Link screen.

What if my client doesn’t have a smart phone?

We also have a client portal accessible from any computer that your clients can use to send signatures.

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