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New to TaxSlayer Pro? You’ll be glad to know that you have industry-leading support at your fingertips. And that support starts with our New User Orientation and New User Webinar. Here’s how they’ll help you get off to an amazing start with TaxSlayer Pro. 

New User Webinar 

The New User Webinar is designed to help you install your tax software and introduce you to preparing and filing returns in the program. Early registrants can access the program for free for a limited time. Register now

After walking you through the installation process, your webinar instructor will work through sample tax returns and the e-filing process.

New User Orientation

After learning the basics in the New User Webinar, you can get one-on-one attention in the New User Orientation Program. The New User Orientation is a unique program that pairs you with a seasoned customer support specialist and gives you a personalized guide of your new tax software. Your support expert will cover all of the basics of the program, address any questions you have, and ensure that your computer is ready to run TaxSlayer Pro. 

Your support specialist will cover the following: 

  • Configuration options 
  • Program security 
  • Working in tax returns 
  • E-filing 
  • Getting updates 
  • Program features 

In addition to the above topics, your support specialist will assess your computer to ensure your network, printing, and firewall settings will allow TaxSlayer Pro to run optimally. 

Registering for your New User Orientation is easy. Your sales representative will help you set up your TaxSlayer Pro Account Hub. Once you have completed your account information setup, a New User Orientation Program tile will be displayed inside your Account Hub.

Simply click on the link to schedule your orientation. You will be able to pick a date and a time that best suits your schedule. Once you’re finished, click Save and our support team will receive an email of your scheduled time.  

Having trouble scheduling your New User Orientation? Give us a call at (706) 868-0985! We’re happy to help you schedule it. 

Additional steps

To make the most of your orientation, we also highly recommend completing the following items before your scheduled New User Orientation time: 

  • Make sure you have the program installed on the computer you will be using during your orientation 
  • Complete a few practice returns 
  • Have a list of any questions that you would like to address with your customer support specialist 

Other resources 

Our support doesn’t stop at the New User Orientation and Webinar. We’re always creating resources to help tax professionals learn and succeed. Be sure to take advantage of these free resources to grow your business and get the most out of TaxSlayer Pro! 

The information in this article is up to date for tax year 2021 (taxes filed in 2022).

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