How to Obtain and Renew Your PTIN

A Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) is a unique number issued by the IRS. As a paid preparer, you are required to have a PTIN, and it must be renewed every year prior to the start of the tax season. Here is a quick guide to the steps, requirements, and costs associated with applying for and renewing your PTIN. Who needs a PTIN? A PTIN is required for anyone who…

A tax professional looks at a computer screen

How Tax Preparers Can Make Money Year-Round

If you’re just beginning to look into a career as a tax professional, you may only be familiar with part of what tax preparers do – filing returns for individuals in tax season – leaving you with questions about how tax professionals make a living the rest of the year. Do tax preparers work year round? How do tax preparers earn money in the off-season?  The answers…

The Importance of Tax Preparers Owning Their Role in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity can be a complicated and intimidating topic for many tax preparers. But what may seem too large for any one person to solve can actually be a very manageable task with a little knowhow. Keep reading to learn how you can own your role in cybersecurity and strengthen your tax prep business’s integrity. What data are hackers looking for? Hackers…

An Upgrade Strategy for Your Office Computers

As tax season approaches, its time to start making plans to upgrade your office computers. This article will give you guidelines for upgrading and an overall strategy for replacing outdated computers in your office.  Assess your current computers Take a few minutes and inventory your computers. Gather the following data for each office computer you will…

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