A CPA considers keeping her credential as she faces retirement

Before Retiring Your CPA Status, Consider Tax Preparation

With a successful career behind you and retirement ahead, you may feel ready to let go of your CPA status. But keeping your CPA credential active after retirement offers options that you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Reasons you may want to keep your CPA status More options in retirement Before you officially take on the CPA-Retired or CPA-Inactive designation,…

A tax prep business owner offers employees internal training

Employee Training Guide for Tax Preparers

No matter how many employees you have, your tax practice can benefit from timely internal training. The advantages of internal training include increased efficiency, less stress and confusion for your staff, and a more positive work environment.  Here are common internal training topics that can help you run your practice and manage your employees…

What is Rental Income?

The following article was written by The Editorial Staff at TheTaxBook and contributed for use on the TaxSlayer Pro blog. When tax season arrives, you may see clients who have many kinds of income, not just the standard W-2. One of these less common income streams is rental income. Learn more about what rental income is and when to report it on your client’s…

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