How the TaxesToGo App Revolutionizes Tax Preparation

Filing just got a whole lot faster. Here’s how the TaxesToGo Mobile App can help you tackle this tax season with ease.

Receive documents easily 

There’s no stress like peak-tax-season stress, especially when clients send documents last minute. 

TaxesToGo can’t keep your clients from procrastinating, but it does make it easier than ever for them to send you their forms and documents. With no scanning, faxing, or emailing, TaxesToGo allows clients to securely send everything you need to file their returns. 

You’ll be notified when new documents have been added, so you can get to work as soon as possible.

Skip the meetings

The app’s easy document sharing and identity authentication eliminates the need for additional in-person meetings. Clients can even sign their finalized tax return and bank product applications within the app.

Sync directly with TaxSlayer ProWeb

Data entry is a huge time-eater. TaxesToGo does it for you by syncing directly with your tax software.

Designed to work seamlessly with TaxSlayer ProWeb and TaxSlayer Pro Premium, the app will pull information from your clients’ documents and import it into your tax prep software. 

Import this year’s data

Most tax software can only roll forward client data from previous years. This older data might save you some time, but any tax professional knows that it still leaves plenty of work to be done. 

Cut out the time you would normally spend reviewing and updating past data by importing the current year’s data directly from the app. 

Communicate within the app

With a progress tracker, built-in chat feature, and automatic notifications, TaxesToGo streamlines client communication. They’ll be notified automatically when you import their data and when their return is ready to be reviewed and signed. 

With the progress tracker, clients can check on the status of their return as you work. They’ll be in the know, and you won’t have to field as many status-update questions. 

For everything else, the app’s chat feature makes communication quick and easy, allowing you to ask and answer questions right from your TaxSlayer tax software. 

Ready to reduce your working hours without reducing your income? TaxesToGo and TaxSlayer Pro Web are the perfect duo to set you up for your most efficient tax season yet!

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