Off and Running: Let Us Know How Your Tax Season Is Going

Due to the delay in the start of tax season this year, many tax professionals have experienced a slower start than usual, but the pace is picking up.  With the IRS starting to release deposits as of February 5 th , tax preparers are starting to see a rise in client traffic.


Tax professionals have also reported, they are starting to experience an increase in inquiries regarding health care, clients are looking to their tax preparers as a source of information about the Affordable Care Act**. 


We want to know what you have been experiencing this tax season. Let us know, by commenting below.

  •   Have you been feeling the bite or has your business has been picking up fast?    
  • What issues have you faced or what have you done to have a great start to the 2014 tax season?  
  • Have you received questions about the Affordable Care Act? 



Stay tuned for more tax industry information from TaxSlayer Pro!



** TaxSlayer Pro has partnered with VelaPoint, a leading insurance broker in the U.S., to help answer your Affordable Care Act questions and offer real solutions to your client’s Health Care needs.  Learn how VelaPoint can help you with your Affordable Care Act questions.