Pre-Tax Season Checklist Series – Computer Networking and Resources

The information in this article is up to date for tax year 2023 (taxes filed in 2024).

After you purchase a new computer (or update your existing computers), you’ll want to ensure that your office network and TaxSlayer Pro software are working correctly on all computers. The TaxSlayer Pro Technical Support team is here to assist in the network setup for your tax programs. 

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wealth of educational resources you have as a TaxSlayer Pro customer. These resources cover everything from tax law updates to software setup, and they’ll save you valuable time when you run into questions during tax season.

Set up your network prior to downloading TaxSlayer Pro

If you use more than one computer in your office to run the TaxSlayer Pro desktop program, a local IT professional can assist you with setting up your office network. Note that the TaxSlayer Pro support team can’t assist you with this step. 

Contact TaxSlayer Pro technical support to network your tax software

After your initial office network is set up, our technical support team can work with you to network TaxSlayer Pro on all computers. You will need to determine which computer will be designated as the file server and transmitting computer and which computers will be workstation computers. From there, we can walk you through each step in the process to ensure that TaxSlayer Pro runs perfectly on every computer in your office. (If you work from a single computer, you can skip this step.)

Convert prior year data 

If you are a new TaxSlayer Pro customer and have data from last year you would like to convert for use with TaxSlayer Pro, our technical support team will retrieve the needed files from your prior year program. The data conversion will allow you to pull 2022 return data when you create the 2023 return. Review and sign the data conversion in Account Hub prior to contacting Technical Support.

Download and install prior year TaxSlayer Pro programs 

Prior year programs can be accessed in Account Hub. Currently, TaxSlayer Pro supports the current year and 3 prior year programs. We recommend starting with the earliest program so that as you configure each subsequent year, settings to pull forward.

Explore TaxSlayer Pro resources 

We have a variety of tax preparer resources to help cover all of your questions during tax season.

  • The TaxBook WebLibrary is integrated into the desktop program and is an invaluable online searchable library filled with the most up-to-date tax information, including all states’ information. For more information on how to get the Tax Book, please call your sales representative at 888-420-1040.
  • The TaxSlayer Pro Training Videos are one of the best ways to learn how to perform common tasks in your TaxSlayer Pro software. The videos cover Classic, Pro, Premium, as well as the Taxes to Go Mobile App. We also cover the latest tax law changes and business tips to help you grow your tax practice.
  • The TaxSlayer Pro Support Center is full of program-related articles to assist you with tax questions, program navigation, and configuration setup. The articles cover most any question you’ll have about the program, including “Where do I enter this?” questions. It’s organized, easy to navigate, and updated regularly, so you can quickly find the answers you’re looking for.
  • TaxSlayer Pro’s Blog and Guides – Our blog keeps you up to date on topics that may impact you as a tax preparer and provides a wealth of business tips specific to the tax preparation industry. Our guides are exclusive resources that take a deeper dive into topics like marketing, bank products, and more.

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