Tips to Get You Through the End of Tax Season Rush

You’ve made it through the first half of tax season – congratulations! Now that you are in the calm before the storm, it’s a great time to take inventory of what’s working, what’s not working and how to improve. This is also the perfect time to gear up and prepare for the end of the season rush.

Coming into the tax season, we provided tips and check lists to get you ready and prepared. Some of our original tips still apply but there are some other things to be aware of as you approach the final stretch.

  • Display your credentials. The IRS has been doing a great job with helping taxpayers understand how to choose the right tax preparer. Thus, it is important that you inform customers and potential customers that your business is accredited and legitimate.
  • Remind customers, new and returning, of your offerings and hours of operation for the tax season.
  • Continue to enforce security measures to protect you and your clients.
  • Stay abreast of scams that not only target tax professionals, but also those that may affect your customers. Perfect examples are the Unlock and Form W-2 scams that were discussed in an earlier blog.

Utilizing these simple guidelines will make the second half of tax season even better than the first. If you have questions throughout the season, our TaxSlayer Pro Support team can be reached at 706-868-0985. You can also use our knowledge base to research questions and answers.