Tips to Get You Through the End of Tax Season Rush

You’ve made it through the first half of tax season – congratulations! While you may have experienced a rush of early filers this year, the latter half of tax season always has its own rush of last-minute filers too. To get ready, we recommend following these five tips for staying productive, profitable, and informed.

Take Care of You

Hydration, sleep, and blood sugar levels are all extremely important for cognitive function and productivity. While it may seem like skipping lunch and burning the midnight oil helps you get ahead in tax season, you’ll be more productive when you take care of yourself properly. As much as possible, make an effort to get enough sleep, drink water throughout the day, and eat regular healthy meals. Other self-care measures like exercise and our stress management tips for tax preparers can also help see you through the busy season.

Stay Organized

Clutter is also known to negatively impact productivity, so keep that desk clear and keep your client files organized and stored properly. Even in the middle of tax season, it’s not too late to switch to a paperless document storage system if you’re a TaxSlayer Pro user. 

Try to keep out only what you’re working on at any given time and put other work away. If you’re working from home, try to create a dedicated workspace that helps you stay focused and organized.

Try the Pomodoro Technique

If you find that your energy is waning and it’s getting tougher to stay efficient, the Pomodoro Technique  might help restore some of your motivation and focus. Set a timer for alternating long and short intervals to delineate between focused work time and breaks; usually, this looks like 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break. After 4 work sessions, you’ll take a longer break of 20-30 minutes. It sounds simple, but this productivity technique is known to boost focus and efficiency.

Reach Out to Clients

Send thank you notes or emails to customers who have already filed, and continue to reach out to customers who haven’t returned yet this season. Doing so is an investment isn this tax season and the next. You’ll build positive client relationships for next season, and you’ll increase revenue and client retention this season. The client retention tracker in your TaxSlayer Pro software can help you automate this communication.

Also, be sure to let clients know about any COVID-related changes to your services like virtual or social-distanced tax preparation

Stay Up-to-Date on Tax Law Changes

Thanks to COVID relief measures, there have been several major changes to tax law recently. For example, laws concerning the Paycheck Protection Program changed just a few weeks ago, allowing business owners to deduct expenses that were paid for with their PPP loan. 

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