Set Up Your Paperless Tax Office With TaxSlayer Pro

Going paperless benefits more than just the environment. It benefits your schedule, your office storage, and your bottom line. With TaxSlayer Pro Premium’s PaperCut option for desktop users or TaxSlayer ProWeb cloud-based software, you can eliminate or drastically reduce the time and money your tax business spends managing paper documents. Here’s how embracing the paperless office can benefit your business this tax season:

Save tax documents as PDFs

Saving your clients’ tax documents as PDFs enables paperless tax preparation. You’ll eliminate the need for printing and paper storage and save considerable time during tax season. If a client prefers a paper copy of their documents, no worries – either you or your client can print the PDF to paper.

Simplify your document storage

Picture your tax office with little need for paper storage. No more pesky misplaced documents. No more wasting valuable time organizing, storing, and searching for paper documents. Going paperless allows you to get rid of those piles of tax preparation papers that can clutter an office in a heartbeat. All your documents will be automatically stored in searchable digital files, making it easy to find what you need exactly when you need it.

Ensure security with encrypted PDFs

Cybersecurity should always be a priority for tax professionals. Fortunately, digital documents can actually be more secure than their paper counterparts. While paper documents are prone to getting lost or falling into the wrong hands, digital documents are always organized and can be encrypted for added security. You can e-mail encrypted tax documents within both PaperCut and ProWeb, streamlining communication and keeping your clients’ information safe.

Scan handwritten notes for fully digital document storage

Even handwritten notes can be scanned and added to your digital files, keeping all your clients’ relevant documents together and neatly filed in your digital document storage system.

Reduce your office’s environmental impact

The U.S. uses a staggering 67 million tons of paper per year, much of it coming from business. By going paperless, your office is doing its part to reduce deforestation, landfill waste, and even the water and oil usage required to produce paper.

Save money on paper, toner, storage, and even employees

Paper-based document storage is costly. In addition to the already considerable cost of paper and toner, organizing and storing paper documents takes hours of work, so much so that it may require additional employees just to keep your office organized.

Now, imagine reducing paper, toner, and storage operating costs that come with running a tax preparation office. Imagine not having to move all those tax forms around physically and not having to hire someone to do it either. Our cost-savings calculator is specific to the tax preparation industry and will help you determine exactly how much a paperless office could save your business.

PaperCut is part of our TaxSlayer Pro Premium desktop software, and TaxSlayer ProWeb is built with the paperless office in mind. Not sure which one is right for you? Compare tax software packages here and check out our exclusive guide, How to Choose the Right Software. If you need more assistance, get in touch with our team to find your perfect paperless tax software solution.

This article was last edited on September 2, 2021.