TaxSlayer Pro Client Retention Reports

Business owner reviewing client retention reports found on TaxSlayer Pro.

A client retention report is an easy way to keep track of your clients and be more connected with them. This tool helps send tax filing reminders to your clients or thank you cards to returners. Using client retention reports to enhance your customer relationship management strategy allows you to build a loyal base of customers and grow your tax business.   

Creating client retention reports with TaxSlayer Pro Desktop  

You can apply filters in the TaxSlayer Pro Desktop client retention database to create a customized report. Creating a client report listing all your individual or business tax return clients and detailed return information suitable to export as a spreadsheet is also possible. In addition to custom reports, the database includes two preset lists you can generate:  

  • Thank You List – The Thank You List will generate a list of all the clients who have completed tax returns in your tax program. This report is generally used for thank you letters but can also be used for promotional purposes. 
  • Prior Year Client List – The Prior Year Client List generates a list of clients who worked with you last year but have not returned yet this year. You can use this list as a reference to encourage those clients to return and complete their taxes with your business.  

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Creating client retention reports with TaxSlayer ProWeb

TaxSlayer ProWeb makes comparing prior year and current year client lists easy. To access these reports, select Reports and then Client Retention Report. This report will show all client data and let you export the file to a PDF or a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Once you export the data, you can manipulate it to suit your needs. You can use this information to engage clients who filed with you in past years but have not filed with you this year. 

The TaxSlayer Pro Support Center offers program-related articles to assist you with tax questions, program navigation, and configuration setup.   

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