Client Retention Reports

The Client Retention Report is an easy way for you to keep track of your clients and ultimately be more connected with them. This tool is great if you like to send reminder emails or letters to your clients about getting their taxes done or thank you cards to those clients who keep returning each year. Using these client retention reports and reaching out to your clients like this allows you to build a lasting relationship with you taxpayers (which in turn helps your tax business).

TaxSlayer Pro Desktop offers two types of Client Retention Reports; Thank You List and Prior Year Client List. The Thank You List will generate a list of all the clients who have completed tax returns in your tax program. This report is generally used for thank you letters, but can also be used for promotional purposes. The other report, the Prior Year Client List, generates a list of clients who were clients of your’s last year but have not returned yet this year. This is typically used to encourage those clients to come back and get their taxes done again with your business.

For TaxSlayer ProWeb, the Client Retention Report combines all of this data so you are able to export to Microsoft Excel and manipulate it however you’d like to.

To access Client Retention Reports in TaxSlayer Pro Desktop, select this icon:

This will show the options to choose from Call/Thank You List or the Prior Year Client List.

To access Client Retention Reports in TaxSlayer ProWeb, select Reports and then Client Retention Report. This will show all of the client data and give you the option to export the file to Microsoft Excel or to PDF.


For more information, please visit our Knowledgebase and search for Client Retention Reports.