4 Ways to Re-engage Clients from Previous Seasons

Tax preparer shaking hands with a long-term client.

Attracting new clients is essential to any tax business, but it’s equally important to re-engage with clients from previous seasons. Encouraging past clients to return is often easier and more cost-effective than securing a new client, and a loyal customer base means that your tax practice has a reliable source of revenue each tax season. Here are a few tips to re-engage with past clients and ensure they continue to choose your services year after year. 

Reconnect with past clients via email 

Set up an automated email campaign targeting clients from the last tax season. Craft a friendly and informative message expressing your appreciation for their past business and invite them to schedule their tax appointment early for the upcoming season. Providing a convenient link for appointment scheduling can streamline the process, making it more likely for clients to take immediate action. 

Send a survey to past clients 

Sending out a survey to past clients shortly before tax season not only helps you gather valuable insights but also helps keep you at the forefront of your previous clients’ minds when they need tax help. Ask about their overall satisfaction with your services, suggestions on areas of improvement, or if there are specific services they would like to see offered. You’ll gather valuable information that can guide your business strategy, and your clients are likely to appreciate that you value their input. 

Offer previous clients earlier appointments 

Offering previous clients the opportunity for early appointments can be a compelling incentive. Emphasize the benefits of early preparation, such as avoiding the last-minute rush and getting their refund sooner. By giving them first dibs on your schedule, you communicate that you value their loyalty and that they can expect personalized service by sticking with your tax preparation services. 

Send specials to previous clients on social media 

Social media is a great way to get the attention of previous clients, especially if you run special promotions or discounts exclusively for them. For example, giveaway contests help with client re-engagement and expose your business to new potential clients.  

Old business vs. new business 

All too often, small business’s marketing efforts focus on client acquisition and leave client retention by the wayside. But winning back your previous clients is usually far easier than convincing someone new to use your business, especially in a service-based industry like tax preparation. Existing clients already know the quality of your services, making them more likely to return.  

Plus, a strong client base of previous customers can help make your tax season a little easier. You’re already familiar with their tax situation, and their prior year data will autofill in your TaxSlayer Pro software, reducing your data entry time.  

Reconnecting with past clients is crucial for the long-term sustainability of your tax business. It helps you build a reliable base of repeat customers who bring in revenue every tax season, and it takes less time and marketing efforts than attracting new clients. For more ways to keep customers coming back, check out our favorite client retention strategies

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