5 Must Have Tax Prep Tools to Enhance Your Tax Practice

There’s no doubt that tax preparation software is your most important tool as a tax preparer, but it’s not the only tax prep tool that can help your business. From answers to the tough tax questions to fully remote tax preparation, these 5 tax preparation tools provide intuitive solutions that help you save time and increase revenue.

Bank Products

Taxpayers getting a refund choose a bank product so they can have their tax return professionally prepared with no payment up front, as well as potentially receive a portion of their refund in advance. For you, the preparer, it means more clients and less hassle worrying about payment.

Bank products work by integrating directly with your tax preparation software. When a client elects to receive their refund through a bank product, you can complete the process within your tax prep software as you prepare the return. TaxSlayer Pro is compatible with many reliable tax refund banks.

The TaxBook Web Library

Researching tough tax questions doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you have the right tools. The TaxBook Web Library is the ultimate digital resource for tax professionals because it’s always up-to-date with tax law changes, and it’s searchable, allowing you to find the exact information you need quickly. Most tax preparers find that this investment pays for itself quickly, allowing them to spend less time researching during tax season and more time serving clients.

The TaxesToGo Mobile App

Professional tax preparation without face-to-face meetings was in demand from millennial clients even before the new normal of social distancing. Now, it’s an essential tool to keep and attract clients of all ages. The TaxesToGo mobile app offers an easy, secure way for clients to send you their documents and information using only their phones. Their data automatically uploads into your tax software, making the entire process easier, faster, and safer for both of you. 

Identity Protection for Your Clients

Identity theft is very important to your clients, especially since tax returns contain sensitive information. If a potential client wants to know how you ensure the safety of their personal info, it’s nice to have a product that can offer them peace of mind. Securely ID, powered by Experian, will deduct a small fee from your client’s refund and offer full identity monitoring, protection, and restoration in the event of a breach.

Audit Protection for Your Clients

Audit protection is another tool that offers peace of mind for both you and your clients. With an audit protection plan like those offered by Audit Maintenance Pro and Protection Plus, clients can rest assured that they’ll have an expert walk them through the entire process to ensure the best outcome if they are audited. As a tax professional, you won’t have to bear the burden of handling clients’ audits throughout the off-season; you can rest easy, knowing that they’re being helped through the process by a trusted professional. 

If you’re a TaxSlayer Pro user, implementing these tools is simple. Most integrate seamlessly with your TaxSlayer Pro software. If you aren’t a TaxSlayer Pro user yet, request a free demo today to see why our time-tested tax preparation software is your tax business’s most essential tool.

The information in this article is up to date for tax year 2021 (taxes filed in 2022).

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