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TaxSlayer Pro + SecurelyID

TaxSlayer Pro has partnered with SecurelyID (powered by Experian™) to provide your clients with a complete identity theft monitoring protection and restoration product.

Sid Hero TaxSlayer Pro/Securely ID is an independent company from Experian.
Who is SecurelyID?
SecurelyID Features
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Who is SecurelyID?
SecurelyID Features
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Who is SecurelyID?

In a world where data breaches happen every hour and tax identity theft accounts for 13% of FTC identity theft complaints*, SecurelyID enables tax offices to provide a powerful identity protection product for its customers. Powered by Experian, a global leader in identity protection, SecurelyID includes advanced monitoring to detect identity theft and U.S.-based restoration expertise if a customer becomes victim. Offer SecurelyID to your customers and deduct the low cost of $39.99 directly from their refund and receive a $10 commission per sale.

* 2019 FTC Sentinal Report


SecurelyID comes with a complete suite of tools to protect and restore your client's identity.

Credit Monitoring

Supports Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit data. Provides options for both three bureau and single bureau credit monitoring.

Full Service Restoration

Matches your client with a certified identity theft restoration specialist in the event their personal information has been compromised.

Dark Web Surveillance

Surveillance technology is used to scan the internet and billions of other data points, providing alerts if suspicious activity occurs.

SSN Trace

Detects both synthetic identity fraud and true name identity fraud by running a report of all names, aliases, and addresses associated with your client’s SSN.

$1 Million Insurance

SecurelyID will provide your client with up to $1 million reimbursement if they fall victim to identity theft.

Change of Address

If your client moves, SecurelyID will monitor their mail to ensure it has not been redirected through the USPS. The database is updated on a weekly basis.

Lost Wallet

If your client loses their wallet they will be assigned a specialist who will contact card issuers and government agencies to restore the contents of the wallet.

Payday Loan Monitoring

SecurelyID’s Non-Credit Loan Services alerts your clients if loans have been acquired using their SSN.

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