New Generation, New Strategies: 8 Ways to Attract First-Time Tax Clients

Generation Z is quickly becoming the newest generation of taxpayers, and if you want to attract them to your tax office, you may need to explore some new marketing strategies. With this generation having experienced the evolution of the internet and the rise of social media firsthand, you will have to grow your business’s online presence to get their attention. 

Because they consume so much content so quickly, they’re incredibly savvy at filtering through content that feels inauthentic or isn’t relevant to them. They’re also more likely to be freelancers, gig workers, or non-traditional employees than other generations.   

So how can you connect with the newest potential tax clients? Here are some marketing tips to help you attract young, first-time clients to your tax preparation business. 

Don’t just use social media – create educational content 

It’s no secret that Gen Z is incredibly active on social media. But if you’re just sharing ads for your business, you’re going to have trouble connecting with first-time taxpayers. Instead, utilize platforms like TikTok and Instagram to share informative content, tax tips, and engaging visuals that resonate with your target audience.   

Keep an eye out for TikTok or Instagram trends that you could use to share informative content and promote your business. Focus on simplifying complex tax concepts they may not be familiar with and provide practical guidance.  

Some examples of relevant topics might include paying student loan interest, filling out a W-4, or whether they can be claimed as a dependent. In general, aim to keep these videos short, punchy, and fun with just a few main tips or bullet points.  

Don’t forget to add text to your videos, as much of your audience consumes content with the sound off. When relevant, you can link to a more in-depth blog post in the caption or your profile’s bio. 

Finally, don’t forget to engage with your audience when they comment, leave questions, or send direct messages. If you need to put in some work to get your social media accounts active, utilize the downtime in the off-season to build and maintain your platform. 

Is your tax business already established on social media? Level up your skills with Social Media 101 for Tax Preparers.  

Specialize in taxes for freelancers and gig economy workers 

Young taxpayers are more likely to work as freelancers or gig economy workers, leaving them with unique tax situations compared to traditional employees. Position yourself as an expert in handling the tax needs of this specific group.  

Highlight your experience and understanding of the tax implications related to self-employment income, deductions for business expenses, estimated tax payments, and any relevant tax credits or deductions applicable to freelancers, side hustlers, and gig workers. 

Emphasize convenience and technology 

Younger generations appreciate convenience. Carrying paper copies of documents into a brick-and-mortar tax office typically isn’t their style.  

Highlight any time-saving features of your tax preparation process, such as online document submission, e-signature options, Zoom meetings, and mobile tax filing apps like TaxesToGo™. Make it clear that your services are designed to accommodate their busy lifestyles. 

Offer free resources 

Everyone loves getting free stuff, including your potential clients. Provide free resources like tax calculators, checklists, or e-books that help young taxpayers understand their tax obligations and maximize their deductions. This establishes your expertise and fosters trust with young potential clients.  

Collect email addresses in exchange for these resources to build a mailing list for future marketing efforts. Link to these resources in your Instagram bio and mention them in descriptions on relevant posts or stories.  

Go Green 

Gen Z is known for being socially conscious and concerned for the environment, so you have yet another reason to make your office as paperless as possible. Using TaxSlayer ProWeb and the TaxesToGo™ app eliminates most of your paperwork from the start. Use your social media accounts to highlight how much paper is wasted with traditional document storage methods and how your office saves paper with digital solutions.  

Offer student and referral discounts 

Young taxpayers, especially students or recent graduates, may have limited budgets. Consider offering special discounts or packages tailored to their financial situations. Additionally, incentivize referrals by offering rewards or discounts for existing clients who refer new young taxpayers to your business. 

Participate in community events 

Attend local events like job fairs and career expos to connect with young individuals in person. Distribute informational materials and engage in conversations to showcase your expertise and build rapport. Consider offering on-site consultations or workshops to further demonstrate your value. 

Remember, building trust and establishing yourself as a helpful resource for young, first-time taxpayers is crucial. By focusing on their needs, providing valuable information, and offering digital solutions that work with their lifestyle, you can attract and retain this demographic as long-term clients for your tax preparation business. 

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