Grow Your Tax Business

A tax preparer discusses retirement options with her granddaughter

Retirement Planning Tips for Tax Preparers

Whether you’re decades away from retirement or hoping to retire in the next few years, there are always steps you can take to ensure that you, your family, and your tax practice are taken care of. Here are practical things to consider and a few steps to take years before you’re ready to wrap up your career. Selling your tax practice Most tax preparers sell…

A tax preparer composes an engagement letter on her computer

Writing Engagement Letters: Tips for Tax Preparers

Does your tax practice use engagement letters for each and every client? If not, it’s probably time to start. Here’s what every tax preparer should know about engagement letters: What is an engagement letter? An engagement letter acts a bit like a contract between you and your clients. It lays out the exact work that you will do, how much they can expect to be charged,…

A TaxSlayer Pro user at a laptop builds a website for their tax business

Building a Website for Your Tax Prep Business

A professional, well-designed website is one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal. It gives your tax preparation business credibility and helps clients find you more easily.  If you don’t have a website for your tax business yet, creating one is probably easier and more affordable than you think. Here’s what you should know: Good Content…