How to Become a Tax Service Bureau

Man calling to set up his service bureau with TaxSlayer Pro

Have you ever thought about taking your tax business to the next level? As a service bureau, you can take a step back from tax preparation and focus on building a network of tax offices. You can grow your business by helping other business owners find reliable tax preparation software.

What is a Tax Service Bureau?

Service Bureaus provide tax software and professional guidance to business owners. They help people run their tax business and take care of their clients with up-to-date tax filing software.

And while that may sound like a relatively new business model, some bureaus have actually been around for decades. Even so, you won’t need decades in the industry or your own software to start a tax service bureau.

By working with an established bureau, you can white-label and resell their software and become a tax service bureau yourself.

Benefits of Being a Tax Service Bureau

Thinking of making the leap? If you’re already running a successful tax preparation business, becoming a service bureau could be the next step to help you expand your business. As a service bureau, you’ll be able to:

Increase your reputation with white-labeling

By adding your own branding to our software, you increase visibility and credibility for your brand. Tax preparers and their clients will see your branding every time they use the software.

Stabilize your income

Most tax preparers face a drop in income outside of tax season. As a tax software reseller, your income is less volatile as you can work with other tax preparers year-round.

Leverage your experience and network

If you already know people in the tax preparation industry, or maybe know someone who is ready to get started in it, you can leverage those connections you already have to add a new source of revenue to your business.

Help other tax preparers build their business

As a tax preparer, you form relationships with your clients and help them save money. Service bureaus help other tax preparers find a meaningful career and grow their tax preparation business.

Become a Service Bureau with TaxSlayer Pro

The first step is choosing the tax preparation software you want to resell. You’ll want to work with a company that offers these features:

A proven track record in the industry

TaxSlayer Pro has been at this for a long time. We value the relationships with our customers and strive to improve those relationships every year. Working with an established company like TaxSlayer Pro, which is both competitive and financially successful, gives you peace of mind. This not only benefits you directly but also benefits your customers.

Responsive customer service

As you’re starting out, you’ll want guidance on how to use the software and manage your new sub-offices. TaxSlayer Pro offers top-notch, year-round support to assist you with your business and help your clients.

User-friendly software

The software you sell is a reflection of your business. Don’t stake your reputation on a product that isn’t time-tested or has a poor user experience. TaxSlayer Pro is continuously applauded for having an easy to use program that both beginners and experts can navigate.

Fortunately, TaxSlayer Pro checks all the boxes. With over 50 years in the tax preparation industry and a reputation for professional and responsive customer service, no other company can help you become a successful tax software reseller better than we can.

Get in touch with TaxSlayer Pro Sales today to take the first step in starting your service bureau!  

The information in this article is up to date through tax year 2021 (taxes filed in 2022).

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