Tax Preparers- Build Your Business Credibility and Trust With a Website

The tax preparation industry is founded on the collection and exchange of sensitive information.  Essentially a consumer trusts the tax preparer with the most intimate details of his or her life. It is not surprising that consumers are becoming much more worried about fraud occurring during the exchange. The IRS ranked tax preparer fraud 3rd on the list of the top 12 tax scams. With this kind of data circulating, how can you ease the minds of your clients and boost overall credibility and trust? The answer is surprisingly simple — a website. There are 4 website components that help to boost your business credibility and trust.


  1.  Photos: A website allows you to post current pictures of you as well as anyone else who works in your practice along with job titles and credentials. Providing this information affords customers the opportunity to get to know the faces behind the business. People are much more willing to trust someone they can identify.
  2.  Testimonials: You can post quotes or anecdotes from customers who have used your business in the past and had a positive experience on your website. When potential clients read this information it proves that you can do what you claim to do, but most importantly, you can do it well. 
  3.  Blogs: House a blog on your website in which you provide tax advice to your customers. Blogs allow to exhibit thought leadership. You are able to provide your customers with valuable information for free while demonstrating your deep knowledge of industry practices and standards. 
  4.  Logos: Everyone loves logos. If you’re affiliated with any trade organizations, received any awards; or are accredited by an organization you can include their logo on your website. When consumers see logos they know and trust on your website, the trust is most likely to be extended to your business.


Of course a website isn’t a holistic solution it is certainly a great place to start. Social media profiles in concert with a website can prove to be helpful as well.