IRS HUB Testing Starts on Wednesday – January 17

TaxSlayer Pro will again participate in the IRS HUB testing program which begins on Wednesday.  The dates for HUB testing are January 17 through January 19 and again January 22 through January 26.

During HUB testing, random batches of tax returns that have been sent to TaxSlayer Pro are filed with the IRS in order to test the e-file system. The returns that are sent to the IRS by TaxSlayer Pro are subject to an allotment that we are given by the IRS and the returns that are sent are predicated on the criteria set by the IRS.

No specific return or EROs are singled out or selected to be sent during this HUB testing period. During the HUB testing period, ERO’s may begin receiving acknowledgements for some of their returns once HUB testing commences. Once TaxSlayer Pro starts actually receiving acknowledgements, it will be posted on this blog.