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Category: TaxSlayer Pro Premium

Signature Pad

TaxSlayer Pro's Premium Package allows users who own a signature pad to capture the signatures of the preparer as well as the taxpayer(s) electronically.  This feature will apply the taxpayer and preparer signatures to all supported forms.  The option to use the signature pad will vary with each state and with each bank.

Topaz Systems Inc. signature pads are supported in the TaxSlayer Pro Premium Program.  The pad is connected to the computer through a USB port.  A basic signature pad will cost around $100.  We have tested the Topaz SigLite T-S460-HSB-R and it is the most compatible with the TaxSlayer Pro program. There are other models available, but they have not been tested for compatibility and are not guaranteed to work with the program.

To use a signature pad to capture the signature of the preparer on all supported forms, from the Main Menu of the TaxSlayer Pro Program select:
  • Configuration
  • Firm/ERO/Preparer Setup
  • Preparer(s) Menu - Select a preparer from the list.
  • Preparer Signature - This option will only appear in the menu when the signature pad is connected to the computer.
  • When the signature box appears on the screen, the preparer should sign their name using the signature pad, and select 'Save'.
  • The preparer's signature will then appear on all supported forms.

The taxpayer(s) signatures can be captured to print on the following forms: Form 8878, Form 8879, IRC 7216 Consent Form, Bank Application (Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, River City, Republic Bank & Trust Company Tax Refund Solutions)  To display instructions for capturing the taxpayer(s) signature on a specific form, select the links below to show/hide additional information:

Form 8878 - IRS e-file Signature Authorization for Form 4868 or Form 2350
IRC 7216 Consent Form
Form 8879 - IRS e-file Signature Authorization
Bank Application
Currently the business 8879 is not supported.

NOTE: If an electronic signature is not accepted by either the state, bank or the IRS, there will not be an option to add an electronic signature in that section of the program.

Last Updated: 3/15/2017

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