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Error Message - Cannot Access Network Specific Files

Error Message - Cannot Access Network Specific Files

This message is displayed when a workstation computer is no longer communicating with the transmitting computer.  Listed below are several reasons you might receive this message:


  • A wireless network may have lost connection and/or has connection speeds that are fluctuating.
  • The router is down and/or not working properly.
  • The transmitting computer is off, asleep and/or no longer connected to the network.
  • The workstation is no longer mapped to the transmitting computer.
  • The permissions on the transmitting computer are not set properly.
  • The workstation has logged in with a user account that had not been used before on the network and/or computer.


Some of these issues can be resolved by opening the File Explorer and double clicking on the network drive. This drive will show with a red X. If you are prompted for a user name and password, enter a valid user name and password that exists on the transmitting computer (server).  You may also need to reboot your router and/or transmitting computer.


If you continue to have problems, please call our technical support staff.  Support Representatives can help you perform basic network troubleshooting.  You may also be advised to contact your local Computer Technician/Network Administrator for assistance.


Last Updated: 3/8/2017

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