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Category: Form W-2 Questions

Inputting A Form W-2 With More Than 4 States Listed

Each Form W-2 entry screen has enough space for four states to be listed.  If a client's Form W-2 has more than four states listed, you will need to split them up onto two separate entries.

Example: If there are seven states listed on Form W-2, you will need to enter them in the program this way.  On the first Form W-2, enter half of the total amount in boxes 1 through 11.  List the first four states and taxes withheld.  Then, create a separate Form W-2 entry to enter the remaining states and taxes withheld.  Be sure the sum of the state income and taxes withheld of the two forms equal the amount of the clients original Form W-2 in box 1.  Box 1 on each subsequent Form W-2 entry cannot be blank or $0.  The IRS will reject the return.

Last Updated: 10/24/2016

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