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Entering / Editing Company Information

Firm Information Menu
The Firm Information Menu stores all of your company information.  This information appears on the bottom of the federal and state tax forms when printed. If any of this information needs to be edited, from the Main Menu of TaxSlayer Pro select Configuration > Firm/ERO/Preparer Setup > Firm Information Setup Menu. Select the item that needs to be added and/or changed and enter the correct information. NOTE: You do not need to enter a Group Code on this screen; this field should be left blank.

When exiting the Firm Information Setup Menu, you will be asked 'Do You Want to Replace all Preparer Information with the Firm Information that was Just Entered?'  In most cases, answer this question as 'YES'.  This will update the firm information for each preparer listed in the program.  Answering 'NO' will not update the firm information in the preparer database.  

Select the links below to show/hide additional information:

 Firm Information

 ERO(s) Menu

 Preparer(s) Menu

The 'Change Firm Information' menu will allow you to change the firm information for a particular preparer.  For example, if you have two companies setup in configuration, you can select 'Change Firm Information' and choose which firm's information you want to print on the the tax forms for this preparer.

Preparer Security (discussed below) allows you to edit preparer access to different portions of the tax program.
 Preparer Security

 Program Password

Last Updated: 5/29/2018

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