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IRS Identity Protection PIN

Beginning in January 2011, the IRS started sending notice (CP01A) to taxpayers who had previously contacted them and have since been validated by the IRS as being a victim of identity theft.  The new notice will provide the taxpayer with a 6-digit identity protection PIN (IP PIN), valid for the filing of their current year federal tax return only.  Including the IP PIN on the taxpayer's current year federal tax return will avoid delays in processing of the return by distinguishing the taxpayer from a possible identity thief.  In the event the taxpayer loses or misplaces the CP01A notice, they can attempt to retrieve or replace it for the current tax year by clicking here.  A new CP01A notice will be issued each subsequent year in January for the new filing season as long as the taxpayer's tax account remains at risk for identity theft.

To display instructions for entering an Identity Protection PIN in the tax program click here.

Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) Quick Facts
  1. The Identity Protection PIN is issued in late December or early January and is good for the current processing year only.  You must use your latest IP PIN on any delinquent prior year Forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ or 1040PR/SS returns you may file electronically in the current year.

  2. If the Identity Protection PIN is not included on an affected taxpayer's return or it is incorrect, the processing of their Federal Income Tax Return will be delayed.

  3. If the CP01A Notice containing the IP PIN is misplaced and the affected taxpayer cannot remember the assigned IP PIN, they can click here to set up an account and receive your IP PIN or call the Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1.800.908.4490 ext. 245 to receive a replacement pin.  The use of replacement IP PINs will cause a delay in processing your tax return and the issuance of any refund that you may be entitled to while the IRS validates the return as the taxpayer's return.

  4. If a joint tax return is being filed and both the taxpayer and the spouse have been issued an IP PIN, if filing a paper return, only the taxpayer's PIN should be included on the tax return.  However, if you are filing electronically, both taxpayers must enter their IP PINs.

  5. Taxpayers who may have been a victim of identity theft should contact the IRS Identity Protection Unit at 1.800.908.4490.  The hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 7:00pm your local time.

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Last Updated: 11/30/2017

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