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Category: Tax Questions

Frequently Used IRS Contact Numbers

Credit Card Payments1.888.872.9829
Official Payments
Pay USA Tax
Pay 1040
Pay actual/estimated individual income tax
EFTPS Customer Service1.800.555.4477
A tax payment system provided free by the U.S. Department of Treasury
Employer Identification Numbers1.800.829.4933Apply for a new EIN
Exempt Organization Business Assistance1.877.829.5500For assistance with Exempt Organization Business Returns
IRS Business Assistance1.800.829.4933For assistance with completing Business Returns
IRS E-File Help Desk1.866.255.0654For E-Filing assistance
Refund Status1.800.829.1954To check the status of a Taxpayer's refund
Identity Theft1.800.908.4490To report identity theft (automated and live assistance)
Tax Fraud1.800.829.0433To report tax fraud
Social Security Administration1.800.772.1213For assistance with SSN's, ITIN's, etc.
Taxpayer Advocate1.800.777.4778For assistance with resolving problems with IRS
Tax Assistance1.800.829.1040For assistance with individual tax returns
Practitioner Priority Service1.866.860.4259Help for tax practitioners
PTIN Information Line1.877.613.7846Answer all PTIN related questions

Last Updated: 2/12/2015

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