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Category: Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing - Sending A Test Transmission Through TaxSlayer Pro

Testing is not a requirement if you will be electronically filing your tax returns through TaxSlayer Pro.  If you would like to send test transmissions through the TaxSlayer Pro secure servers, you may begin to do so when you receive your software.  After transmitting test returns you will receive a Transmission Confirmation Report.  Receipt of this report verifies that we received your transmission, and your computer is communicating properly with the TaxSlayer Pro secure servers.

Several hours before the start of processing live returns, we will clear the TaxSlayer Pro secure servers of all returns.  Any return received by TaxSlayer Pro secure servers prior to 6 pm eastern standard time on the day before electronic filing begins will be considered a test return and will not be processed.

NOTE: Business returns are transmitted in real time continuously all year.  Do not send business test returns unless you create a dummy return for testing purposes only.  Any business return that is transmitted will be processed by the TaxSlayer Pro servers.

Last Updated: 10/27/2016

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