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Downloading and Installing Updates

2014 and all Later Year Programs

TaxSlayer Pro will download configured updates automatically every day upon initial start up (when the program is opened for the first time each day).   To manually update federal and state programs, from the main menu of the program select:

  • Updates
  • Download/Install Updates
  • Select updates that are highlighted in red that you wish to install
  • Select "Download"

*For Users with multiple computers with the TaxSlayer Pro program in a network: Make sure to download and install updates on the File Server or Transmitting Computer first. Once completed on the File Server Computer you will need to run updates on the workstations.  From the main menu of the program select:

  • Updates

This will begin the automatic update process for the workstation.

2013 and prior program

Drive Where Updates are Stored

This option will only appear on workstation computers where the tax program is networked. The drive letter listed should be the network drive that each workstation uses to connect to the transmitting computer. If this needs to be changed, click the option and the next window will prompt you to enter the correct drive letter.

Download/Install Updates or Download/Install Updates Using

On transmitting computers, this option will display the drive letter where the updates are installed (usually the same drive as where the program is installed). This cannot be changed. Once you have selected this option follow the steps below:

  • ‘Would you like to download the current update status report from TaxSlayer Pro’ - Select 'YES'.
  • Select CONNECT at the File Transfer screen. When prompted, EXIT the window.

NOTE: If you are having problems connecting, try switching your connection type in the bottom right hand corner from FTP to HTTP or vice versa.

Select the updates you would like to install by clicking the update(s).

  • RED: Indicates that there is an update available that has not been downloaded. Before installing any of these updates to the workstations, they must be downloaded on the transmitting computer.
  • BLUE: Indicates that an update has been downloaded but has not been installed. Usually updates will be blue on the transmitting computer if the update process was cancelled or if computer security (anti-virus software, User Account Controls, Administrator settings, etc) has blocked the update from automatically installing. On workstations, any update that is blue has been installed on the transmitting computer and needs to be installed on the workstation.
  • BLACK: Indicates that you have the latest update on your system.

Once you have selected the update(s) you would like to install, select the Download button. When the update process is completed, select EXIT and return to the Main Menu.

Download Specific File

Although this is not the preferred method for obtaining updates, this does give you an alternative if you are having difficulty downloading from the primary update utility menu. This option should only be used with the assistance of Technical Support.

Backup/Recall Updates

This option is used to transfer updates with the use of a removable drive (flash or USB drive) to a computer that is not connected to a network or to the internet.

  • Backup Updates to Drive: When this option is selected, you will be prompted to select the drive letter of the removable drive where you will be backing up the updates. Next, select the update(s) you wish to back up and select 'OK'. The updates will be copied to your removable drive.

  • Recall Updates From Drive: Once you’ve copied the updates to your removable drive, you will need to install them on your other computer. Place the removable drive into the computer and select:

  • ‘Recall Updates from Drive’
  • Choose the drive letter associated with your removable drive.
  • Select the updates you wish to recall (you can select one at a time or select all)
  • Select 'OK' to copy the updates to this computer.
  • Exit to the Update Utility Main Menu
  • Select Download/Install Updates Using...
  • When prompted to download the update status report, select ‘NO’
  • Updates that have been copied will appear in BLUE. Click on each update and select the 'Download' button
  • When prompted, EXIT the window

Message Center

The Message Center allows TaxSlayer Pro to communicate important information to our users. When you connect to our secure servers, either by transmitting returns, receiving acknowledgements, or picking up updates, your program will automatically check for new messages. The messages are broken down into five categories:

  • Bank Messages
  • Conversion Messages
  • IRS Messages
  • Personal Messages
  • Support Messages

If you receive a new message, you will also be notified by the changing of the Message Center Icon from to

In addition, you may also receive the message 'There are Reports to Print' when trying to transmit; the Message Center may be the only option with an arrow beside it. In order to remove the arrows you will need to access the Message Center. Once you open the Message Center, the window on the left hand side will show you all the messages sent to you. Any new messages will be highlighted in Red. These are the items that require your attention.

Once the messages have been read, you have several options. The message can be 'Marked as Read' and will turn from Red toBlack; messages can also be printed and/or archived. If you archive a message, the message will move from its original folder to the Archive folder. Once archived, you will be able to read the message at any time. If you wish to mark all of your messages as read, select the 'Mark ALL as Read' button at the top of the window. Once you mark the messages as read, the prompt and arrows will be removed from the Print Reports Menu.

NOTE: The only way to keep from being prompted with 'Unread Messages' is by accessing the Message Center and marking the messages as read.

Additional Ways to Access the Message Center:

  • Select the Icon at the top of the screen
  • Right-Click at any time in the program and select Message Center from the list.
  • From the Main Menu - select Updates - Message Center.
  • From the Main Menu - select E-File - Print Reports - Message Center.

Software Status Report

The Software Status Report shows the latest TaxSlayer Pro updates that have been downloaded and installed on this computer compared to the latest version that has been released. The Software Status Report contains three columns:

  1. The first column gives the description of each individual package; Federal Individual Package, State Updates, and Business Updates.
  2. The middle column shows the current version installed on this computer.
  3. The last column shows the latest version that has been released by TaxSlayer Pro. (If your system needs the latest update you will notice three stars next to the package needing updating. Go to the Updates Menu to download the latest update.)

Use Update Manager

When set to 'YES', the update manager will download pre-selected updates when opening the program for the first time each the day. We recommend keeping this setting to 'YES', however, if you wish to turn off automatic updates, change the option to 'NO'.

Configure Updates

When 'Use Update Manager' is set to 'YES', this screen will appear allowing you to change which updates automatically install when you open the program. The Update Manager allows you to select each of the Federal, Business and E-file updates, as well as up to three states that will automatically update.

Last Updated: 6/1/2018

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