Victims of Volcanoes in Hawaii May Qualify For Tax Relief

Those in Hawaii who are victims of the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that began on May 3, 2018 may qualify for tax relief. Hawaii has been declared a Federal Disaster Area and those reside or have business in Hawaii County will be granted relief. If a taxpayer does not reside in the affected area, but all documentation needed to file is in affected area, they too qualify for relief.

Affected individuals have additional time to file through September 17, 2018.This includes individual and business returns. Taxpayers who have an estimated tax payment also have until September 17, 2018 to pay. If payments are made by this deadline they will not be required to pay a late penalty. If any affected taxpayers received late filing or late payment letters from the IRS and have met the extended deadlines, they are encouraged to call the number provided on the letter to avoid the penalty.

The IRS will also waive any fees and expedite requests for copies of previous year returns that are needed for the affected taxpayers.