Using Organizers

A tool that preparers can used early in the tax season is to create documents that can be sent to your client that allows them to be better organized for completing their 2017 tax return. In TaxSlayer Pro, this document is known as an Organizer (or Pro Forma) and the intent of this document is to assist your clients in compiling the information that will be needed to complete their 2017 tax return. The better organized your clients are, the faster and more efficient you will be when it comes time to prepare their return.

To access the Organizer, go to the Print Menu, select Print Organizers and you have various options. The organizer that should be sent to a specific client depends on the complexity of their return and whether the taxpayer is a new or existing client. At the Organizer Menu you have the option to select only the clients that you want to create organizers for or you can select all of them. Also, whether you want to use the information that was on their 2016 tax return or whether you want to create a complete, basic or organizer that only contains the tax forms filed with the 2016 return. You also can print blank organizers for new clients. For more information on printing organizers see the Pro Support Knowledgebase.