3 Tax Preparer Tips During the COVID-19 Outbreak

tax preparer tips during covid 19 outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting businesses of all kinds, including tax preparation. Most preparers file their client’s taxes from a physical office location, often with the client in the room with them. While many companies are moving to remote work, it leaves tax preparers with questions. How do I communicate these changes to my clients? How do I prepare returns from home? TaxSlayer Pro is here to offer tips to tax preparers to help them through this uncertain time. 

1. Connect with TaxSlayer Pro’s support team if you use desktop software 

If you have TaxSlayer Classic or TaxSlayer Premiumcontact TaxSlayer Pro support. They can help you correctly back up returns. If you have another computer at home, they can walk you through how to correctly download and set up the software on your device. If your physical office is required to close due to COVID-19, you will still be able to prepare, e-file, and transmit returns from home. The support team will help you make this transition as smooth as possible. 

2. Encourage your clients who are due a refund to file now 

If your physical office is still open or you are set up to work remotely with TaxSlayer ProWeb or our mobile app, encourage your clients to send over their forms and documents now so you can file their taxes. The IRS is still issuing refunds on schedule so there is no reason for your clients who are due a refund to wait to file. The extra money will help your clients during this uncertain economic time.  

Call or email any clients who haven’t visited your office yet this year to personally connect with them. If they are unaware of how the new filing deadline will affect them, explain their options. You are their most trusted source of information during this time, so make sure you are up to date with all the recent changes before calling them.  

Use TaxSlayer Pro’s refund calculator to see whether your clients are going to owe or receive a refund, which can help them to decide about whether to file now or wait until closer to the deadline. 

3. Set up TaxesToGo and Customer Portal 

If you have TaxSlayer Pro Premium, ProWeb, or Web + Corporate, you have access to our mobile app, TaxesToGo, and the Customer Portal. Both of these tools allow your clients to send you their forms and documents, sign the tax return and signature documents, and chat with you about their return. For more information on how to set up these mobile tax prep solutions, see the resources below. 

ProWeb TaxesToGo 

ProWeb Customer Portal 

Pro Premium TaxesToGo 

Pro Premium Customer Portal