TaxSlayer Pro Premium Features

How would you like to eliminate those, “Is my check ready?” phone calls from your clients? The TaxSlayer Pro Premium package can give you that with its nifty Tax Office Assistant feature. Just sit back and allow the program to text your bank product clients to notify them when their check is ready to be picked up. This will free you to do the part of the job that you do best – find the largest refund for your clients that they are eligible for.

If you have been a Classic package user, you know that TaxSlayer Pro has been making your job easier in many ways, by providing tax support for those tougher-than-usual tax situations and helping you find that largest refund and those hidden tax deductions that make your customers so happy. Let us take it one step further by eliminating the part of the job that can be automated and freeing you to take on even more customers.

Running a successful business is about more than simply doing a good job and finding that maximum refund. It’s also about knowing what resources are available for you to use and how to use those resources effectively. TaxSlayer Pro is the most valuable weapon in your tax prep arsenal, and that’s because it is about far more than providing you with easy online tax forms. It is about helping you run your office.

In addition to that tax support that you love so much, the ability to find tax deductions quickly and the ability to generate tax forms instead of storing them in your office, TaxSlayer Pro Premium provides you with a wonderful AdPack for promotions, as well as other features designed to get you back to the fun part of your business; hunting down that maximum refund for your customers.