TaxSlayer Pro Premium Eliminates Phone Calls and Paper

How would you like to eliminate those, “Is my check ready?” phone calls from your tax clients? The TaxSlayer Pro Premium tax software package can give you that with its nifty Tax Office Assistant feature. Just sit back and allow the program to text your bank product clients to notify them when their check is ready to be picked up. Tax Office Assistant works by texting your bank product clients as soon as you finish processing their refund. There is nothing you have to do on your part and best of all it saves your staff time!

Another great feature of the TaxSlayer Pro Premium tax software package is Paper Cut. Paper Cut can make your office paperless by allowing you to work with returns as PDF documents, instead of physical pieces of paper. This saves money by not only reducing paper and toner inventory, but you will not need to pay for storing or handling paper copies of returns.

Paper Cut also allows you to scan and save all your client’s documents including W2s, 1099s, IDs and even handwritten notes. But best of all, Paper Cut enables you to encrypt and email tax returns directly to your clients. Now you have the tool to save you time and money in handling your customers request for a copy of their tax return.

Tax Office Assistant and Paper Cut are fully integrated within TaxSlayer Pro Premium tax software. These 2 features of TaxSlayer Pro Premium will enable your business to grow, reduce business operation costs, and best of all increase profits- while propelling you and your staff to a paperless office environment.