TaxSlayer Pro Accepting Electronically Filed Returns Starting Today – January 9, 2018

TaxSlayer Pro has begun accepting electronically filed Individual 2017 tax returns (Form 1040/Form 1040NR) starting today, January 9, 2018.

In order to electronically file you must first download and install Federal Update 17.2. Once this Federal Individual Update is installed in your program you must apply the update to each tax return that was prepared prior to release of the update.

To apply the update, enter into each tax return. If the return contains a state return, the state return must be updated as well. You will need to go back into the state return before exiting the tax return. You will need to perform these steps on ALL tax returns you have prepared prior to installing the update.

TaxSlayer Pro will again participate in the IRS HUB testing program. The dates for HUB testing are January 17 through January 19 and again January 22 through January 26. During HUB testing, we will be sending random batches of tax returns to the IRS based on the allotment that we are given by the IRS and the returns that are sent are predicated on the criteria set by the IRS. No specific return or preparers returns can be singled out or selected to be sent during this HUB testing period. During the HUB testing period, you may begin receiving acknowledgements for some of your returns once HUB testing commences.

TaxSlayer Pro anticipates that it will begin accepting 2016 Individual tax returns commencing January 29, 2018, when e-file officially opens. It is anticipated that 2015 Individual tax returns will be accepted about a week after the official start of e-file. When 2015 Individual tax returns can be e-filed it will be posted on this blog.

The IRS no longer supports e-filing for 2014 and prior years. As a result, returns for 2014 and older must be mailed.