Tax return filing statistics show decreases compared to 2015

E-filed tax returns prepared by tax professionals are down nearly 5 percent compared to last year, according to the latest IRS filing season statistics available. Self-prepared e-files are up 3.1 percent. The statistics cover the filing season up to Feb. 19.

E-filed returns prepared by tax professionals total about 22.5 million so far this season, or 4.8 percent fewer than 2015. The total number of e-file receipts is 46.7 million, a 0.8 percent drop compared to 2015.

Overall, the IRS has received slightly fewer tax returns compared to last year. The total of individual tax returns received is down about 1.3 percent or about 630,000 compared to 2015, according to IRS statistics. As of February 19, the IRS had received about 49 million returns.

Additionally, the IRS had issued 38.5 million refunds totaling $120.5 billion, or 3.3 percent less refund money than 2015. The average refund was $3,128.

Visit this IRS page for the complete filing season statistics for the week ending Feb. 19.