Tax Preparer vs. Tax Advocate

As a professional tax preparer, you want to provide the best possible service to your clients. In many cases, it is easy to take care of your clients with reliable tax preparation software with unlimited e-filing and great support. Even if you don’t have TaxSlayer Pro yet, we still want you to be aware of recent changes in IRS legislation.

When taking care of clients and gaining new business, it is important to consider the customer’s point of view. They are looking for the most affordable and efficient way to file their taxes. In most cases, they take their forms to a professional and expect their refund in the allotted time frame.

Nevertheless, some clients are aware of the Tax Advocate Service within the IRS. The service can be very helpful for those seeking assistance, but possible budget cuts may affect the service tremendously.

“The IRS has made significant progress on important fronts over the last year, including the implementation of return-preparer regulation, the transition to the Customer Account Data Engine 2 (CADE 2) to improve returns processing, and the streamlined processing of offers-in-compromise,” Olson said in releasing the report. “At the same time, the IRS faces significant challenges in the year ahead, particularly if its budget is reduced.”

This is actually an opportunity for seasoned tax professionals. Many taxpayers try to contact the IRS directly for help with tax preparation. Due to the millions of people required to pay taxes, the challenge has become bigger and bigger each year.

According to the IRS Newsroom, “The IRS’s ability to respond to taxpayer phone calls and correspondence has declined. Comparing FY 2010 with FY 2004, the percentage of phone calls the IRS answered from taxpayers seeking to reach a telephone assistor declined from 87 percent to 74 percent, and the percentage of unanswered correspondence classified as “overage” at year’s end increased by 135 percent.”

Given all the IRS’s overwhelming responsibility, the Tax Advocate Service has suffered. Therefore, tax professionals must be as aware as possible in providing correct information to clients. TaxSlayer Pro is extremely knowledgeable, and they offer great support for the very complex issues regarding tax preparation. Take advantage of our company’s great product and support and contact us soon.