Remember to Check for Outstanding Acknowledgements

After the April 15th filing deadline (and the October 15th extension deadline), many tax offices stay open and keep their hours of operation the same, while others may reduce their operating hours during the off-season. Whether your office works limited hours, or stays open full-time providing other services, it is  likely that the volume of tax returns you e-File will decrease tremendously as the year goes on. Because you may not be e-Filing regularly, you won’t receive acknowledgements on a regular basis either.

When you transmit returns using TaxSlayer Pro desktop software, you must receive and then print your acknowledgements to update Client Status in the software. When you are constantly transmitting returns during tax season, you automatically receive acknowledgements if there are any ready to pick up. However, during the off-season, it is extremely important to manually check for acknowledgements after sending any transmission if you won’t be transmitting additional returns regularly.

To manually connect and receive acknowledgements from TaxSlayer Pro, from the main menu of the tax program select E-file > Receive Acknowledgements Only. A secure connection to our servers will be established to check for pending acknowledgements. Once these acknowledgements have been received, make sure to print them! This will update your Client Status module and will notify you if a return was Accepted or Rejected by the IRS or state.