Recommended System Requirements For Using TaxSlayer Pro

It is that time of year again, as a tax professional, you start to prepare for the upcoming tax season. If you are thinking about upgrading your office equipment, there are some important things to keep in mind.  Below, are TaxSlayer Pro’s system requirements, supported operating systems, printer recommendations, and recommended internet connections to make sure that your tax season runs as smoothly as possible.


System Requirements

TaxSlayer Pro recommends the following to run the software at optimal performance:

·         2.0 GHz or higher

·         1 GB of RAM

·         1 GB of Hard Disk Space

·         Windows Vista / Windows 7

·         100% HP Compatible Laser Printer (Inkjet printers are not recommended for check printing)

·         1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher

·         High Speed Internet Connection


TaxSlayer Pro will run using the following as minimum requirements:

·         2.0 GHz or higher

·         512 MB of RAM

·         500 MB of Hard Disk Space

·         Windows XP Pro SP3

·         100% HP Compatible Printer (Inkjet printers are not recommended for check printing)

·         1024 X 600 screen resolution

·         Internet Connection


Supported Operating Systems

TaxSlayer Pro is supported to run on:

·         Windows Server 2008

·         Windows XP

·         Windows Vista

·         Windows 7

·         Windows 8

·         Windows Server 2003


TaxSlayer Pro is not supported to run on:

·         Apple (Macintosh)

·         DOS

·         Linux

·         Windows 95/98,CE,ME,NT (CEMENT)

·         Windows 2000

·         Windows Mobile Operating Systems


Printer Recommendations 

TaxSlayer Pro is compatible with any HP (Hewlett-Packard) compatible printer. When considering a printer for your office, purchase a printer with the highest output (PPM), or printing speed, that your budget can afford. If you are printing checks for bank products in your office, we recommend using a laser printer rather than an ink-jet printer. If a check printed on an ink-jet printer becomes damp, the ink could smear or run, possibly causing a delay in your client being able to cash or deposit the check. 


Internet Connections 

·   Wireless Internet Connection

A wireless internet connection will work with the TaxSlayer Pro software, however it is NOT the recommended internet connection. Wireless internet connections are subject to periodic (possibly short) service outages and speed fluctuations. These outages can cause problems when trying to transmit returns, receive acknowledgments and/or get updates. When these problems arise, you will have to wait until a reliable internet connection is restored. For these reasons, TaxSlayer Pro recommends a wired cable or DSL internet connection which is generally more reliable.

·   Cable/DSL/Dial-up Connections 

Cable and DSL modem connections are faster and more reliable than most other types of internet connections. Other types of connections are either slower or more subject to periodic loss of connectivity. Due to the size of the TaxSlayer Pro Program installation and some of the updates, a dial up connection is rarely practical. Anyone using a dial up connection should be prepared for very long download times and frequent dropped connections. Anyone using a dial up connection should definitely plan on ordering an installation cd instead of trying to download the program from your My Account.