Program Backup Utility – How to Backup Your Files From TaxSlayer Pro

Having a good backup of all TaxSlayer data and programs is a vital part of your security and business. This fall when the 2018 TaxSlayer Pro is released, all 2014 data, including the 2014 TaxSlayer Pro program, will be dropped from our servers. It is important for you to backup your data now.

This guide will explain how to use the TaxSlayer Pro Program Backup Utility. If you need assistance through this process, or have a question regarding security of this data, please call our Customer Support line at 706-868-0985.

Before beginning the Program Backup, you will need to acquire an external hard drive or USB flash drive to store the data on. For most users, a 16 GB USB flash drive will be large enough to store the necessary data. We suggest saving the data on more than one flash drive or external hard drive and completely removing these drives from your computer and office. By saving on multiple devices and having the devices stored away from your computer and office you increase your chances of recovering data in case of a disaster, computer virus, or even data corruption.

To access the Program Backup Utility from the main menu of TaxSlayer Pro, select Utilities, Program Backup Utility, and select the Target Drive you wish to save the data on. By doing this the entire TaxSlayer Pro program directory will be backed up to the external drive you selected.