Prior Year Clients Reports

Although a majority of taxpayers have already filed their 2017 tax returns, there are still millions of taxpayers waiting to file their 2017 returns. Many of these late filers are well aware of the impending deadline of April 17th.

For some of these late filers, their returns are completed or are nearly completed and they are waiting to file because they have a balance due or otherwise need some final piece of information to complete the return. Other late filers have already made the appropriate arrangements or appointments with their preparers to meet their obligation by the due date or at least file an extension. However, there are some taxpayers that are just procrastinators and have not taken any steps towards filing their 2017 return, and other taxpayers are simply unaware of the pending deadline. Thus, some of these late taxpayers will show up at the last minute in their preparer’s office and want to have their returns completed, while others will knowingly or unknowingly miss the deadline.

With one week to go before the filing deadline, an easy way to identify your potential last minute filers is to use the Prior Year Client List function under the Client Retention Tool in the tax program. With the information available with this tool, you are able to identify the people you may want to contact to ascertain their filing status before the deadline of April 17.

This feature is accessed by selecting the  Client Retention   Icon on the top of the program and selecting the “Prior Year Client List”.  If you have multiple preparers, this feature can be run by preparer or by the entire range of preparers. The list that is generated by this report are the clients that had a tax return created in the immediate previous year, but have not yet had a return created in the current year. This list can also be run for specific date ranges by entering a start date and end date in the space provided at the bottom of the list. When you select a date range you will only print the list of last year clients whose returns were prepared during that specified period, and have not yet returned.