Printing Client Organizers

TaxSlayer Pro makes it easy for you to collect returning and new client data to get ready for the upcoming 2018 tax season. By collecting data such as basic personal information like SS numbers, address, dependents, health insurance coverage, etc. and income information such as wages, business income, interest, dividends, etc., you can get an early start to the tax season.

Collecting as much data as you can early on can help with the process of data entry, since it can be tedious work. This way when the client walks in the doors with their financial documents you can be ready and quickly get their return done so they can receive their Refund faster. Making your tax office the place to go for fast and efficient tax filing.

When printing client organizers you can also print mailing labels, see Tips for Client Mailings , this way you have all the tools needed to send your clients this questionnaire and they can get it back to you ASAP.

To print client organizers from TaxSlayer Pro, from the main menu of the program go to;

3 – Print

3 – Print Organizer

From this menu you can print Organizers for current clients with their 2017 data, for updating or print blank ones, for new clients.

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