New York State Online Services

New York offers a series of online services to make New York taxes simpler for you and your clients. From the New York website, you can make tax payments, respond to a Department Notice, and even check on your client’s refund status. Not sure what these services are or even where to find them? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of some of the key services provided on the New York State website:

  • Making Tax Payments – If your client has a tax bill with New York state, this can be paid 1 of 2 ways:
  • Review Estimated Payments – Not sure how much your client paid throughout the year in estimated payments? You can check all estimated payments, extension payments, and even what credits are to be carried forward at
  • 1099-G Statements – Did your taxpayer get a refund last year from New York? They can get this statement online at
  • Refund Status – Are you tired of waiting on the phone to check your client’s refund status with New York? Now you can check that status by going to the Refund Status Tool. You can also encourage your clients to sign up for email alerts at These alerts will notify them when their return has been processed and when their tax refund is scheduled to come.
  • Power of Attorney – If you need to file the Form POA-1 for New York State, you can do so directly at This page will also provide more information and instructions for this process.
  • Department Notices – If you must provide more information to New York for your client’s tax return, you can send that information on the website at This tool allows you to provide an explanation and attach documents if necessary.