New TaxSlayer Pro Logo

When you download the 2017 TaxSlayer program from your My Account, you will discover a new look to the main page of the program as well as a new icon that is created on your Desktop. Gone is the previous icon and main page layout that featured a TaxSlayer Knight on horseback. Instead, a new and more modern image of TaxSlayer Pro, as represented by the new TaxSlayer Helmet logo, has replaced the older TaxSlayer Knight.


The new TaxSlayer logo is a knight’s helmet which pays homage to the roots of our company and TaxSlayer Pro. This modern logo represents the foundation upon which TaxSlayer has been built, the men and women that have used TaxSlayer Pro. At Pro Support, we view this new logo and image as a symbol of the real knights of TaxSlayer, our clients that have been “slaying” taxes for over twenty-five years.