Need an Easier Way to Prepare Taxes for Clients? There’s an App for That!

Tax season is a busy, stressful time for everyone. You’re working nearly nonstop and your taxpayers have to find time to stop in for their tax preparation. Sometimes your clients must stop after work, which means you both get home later. With TaxSlayer’s Taxes to Go Mobile App you can make the process easier for you and your clients.

How does it work? It’s as simple as Snap, Send, Sign. Your taxpayers create an account through the Taxes to Go mobile application. After their account has been created, they will take snap shots of any documentation required to complete their tax return and send that to you. You then retrieve the information in your program to complete the return. Once you’ve completed the return, you send it back to the client for them to review and sign. This process eliminates those late nights in the office and makes it easier for your taxpayer to get their return filed. The application is available for both Andriod and iOS and can be found in Google Play or the App Store.

Did we mention you can customize? That’s right! You can customize the mobile app to fit your office’s branding! The setup is incredibly simple and it’s all done through your Account. You can add your company’s logo as an image, change the color of the app, and even change the text to show your tax office name.

Are you ready to start using the mobile app? Call your Sales Representative or our Customer Service line today for more information!