Know deadlines and counties affected by IRS disaster relief

Each year, some taxpayers affected by severe storms and disasters are given extra time to meet tax filing deadlines. Damage assessments by FEMA help the IRS determine states and counties that receive tax relief. Typically, new deadlines are announced throughout the year as disaster declarations are made. In January, many Missouri and Mississippi counties became the latest areas to receive IRS tax relief.

Taxpayers and professional tax preparers should be aware of new deadlines and who qualifies. Here’s some information to help with the 2016 filing season.

What is disaster relief? Tax relief postpones various tax filing and payment deadlines in areas damaged by severe storms and flooding. It is part of coordinated federal disaster responses.

Who is affected? The most recent tax relief declarations affecting the April 18 tax deadline were made for some areas of Missouri and Mississippi that were hit by severe storms and flooding in December 2015. Select counties received the tax relief based on damage assessments. Relief workers affiliated with a recognized government or philanthropic organization also qualify. Declarations were also made for some Texas and South Carolina counties affected by severe storms in October although they do not affect the April 18 deadline.

What are the new deadlines?

Missouri and Mississippi: May 16 for individuals and businesses filing 2015 income tax returns; also includes the Jan. 15 and April 18 deadlines for those making quarterly estimated tax payments; and the Feb. 1 and May 2 business tax deadlines and March 1 deadline for farmers and fisherman

Texas: Feb. 29 for deadlines falling between Oct. 22 and Feb. 29

South Carolina: Feb. 16 for deadlines falling between Oct. 1 and Feb. 16

Where can I find more information? Visit the tax relief information hub for complete details including affected counties, qualifications, deadlines and more. Taxpayers do not need to contact the IRS to get relief.