It's Time to Send Tax Organizers to Your Clients

It’s that time of year; time to remind your clients that they should start gathering their tax information for the upcoming filing season. Mailing or emailing each of your clients an organizer, or pro forma, will help ensure that you get all of the information needed to prepare their returns quickly and accurately. Some clients will fill out the organizer in its entirety, while others may use it as a guide in collecting their tax documents. Either way, your effort in assisting them will certainly save time when e-filing begins in January.

TaxSlayer Pro makes generating client organizers easy. The program contains several options for you to select when deciding which organizer will best suit your client’s needs.

  • Complete Organizer With Pre-Populated Prior Year Data – A very thorough, 17 page organizer ideal for clients with more complex tax returns
  • Organizer With Only Prior Year Forms – An organizer containing only the pages needed based on what forms were filed on the prior year return
  • Basic Organizer With Pre-Populated Prior Year Data – A very basic, 4 page organizer best for clients with simple tax returns
  • Basic Information Page With Pre-Populated Prior Year Data – A single page containing only personal information, dependent and W-2 information

The organizers are all designed to be easily read and simple to fill out.   Data from the prior year tax return is pre-populated in all applicable fields making it easy for your clients to quickly reference information used on their prior year return. Seeing this information should make it less cumbersome for your clients to gather all of necessary documents for this year’s return.

To print client organizers, from the main menu of the program select 3. Print > 3. Print Organizer.

  • Print Blank Organizer – A complete organizer with no pre-populated data. Best used for new clients.
  • Print Organizer for Selected Clients – Select which clients you would like to print an organizer for. After selecting the clients from your client list, you will be prompted to select the type of organizer you would like to print.
  • Print Organizer for Clients Marked to Print – Print organizers for all clients who you previously marked to print them for in the Personal Information section of their tax return.  You will be prompted to select the type of organizer you would like to print for these clients.
  • Print Organizer for All Clients – Print organizers for all of your clients. You will be prompted to select the type of organizer you would like to print for all clients.

It is highly recommended that you help protect your clients by masking SSN(s) on all organizers. If you email your clients their organizer, the email should either be encrypted or password protected.