It’s Easy to Keep In Touch with the IRS

Like any other government agency the IRS is constantly releasing pertinent information. The IRS releases a wealth of information for tax payers on a regular basis but they also do the same for tax preparers. As education regulations for preparers continue to become more stringent, it is always a good idea to stay as up to date as possible. Official communication is far from the only way to achieve this. Via less conventional methods tax preparers can stay up to date on a day by day and sometimes minute by minute basis. Take a look at these helpful communication bridges to the IRS courtesy of the tax pros section of
Communication Tools For Preparers and Representatives:

e-News Subscriptions:
sign up for email newsletters on a variety of topics.

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Training Opportunities For Preparers and Representatives:

Nationwide Tax Forums:
learn the latest on tax administration and earn up to 18 CPE credits. Over 40 seminars and workshops make the Forums the first source of information for thousands of tax professionals.

Nationwide Tax Forums Online:

view taped seminars from the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums for CPE credit.

Volunteer Training Resources:

Student and Instructor Training Kits for VITA and TCE volunteer training, and contains links to other training resources.

Tax Practitioner Institute Classes:

view Tax Practitioner Institute classes by state.

National/Local Phone Forums for Tax Professionals:

IRS phone forums are designed for tax practitioners, attorneys, payroll professionals and industry partners. Enrolled agents can earn CPE credits.

IRS Live Webinars:
view a live panel discussion among IRS experts and industry professionals aimed at educating tax professionals.

IRS Video Portal:
view videos on tax issues for individuals, small businesses, tax professionals, and governments.