Is a Cloud-Based Program Right For You?

TaxSlayer ProWeb is a completely cloud-based tax program that effectively combines the professional aspects of TaxSlayer Desktop with the mobility you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of TaxSlayer ProWeb:

  • There is no local installation needed. Just simply sign on and go!
  • You don’t need to run updates. We update the program as needed and it’s ready to go every time you log in.
  • Little to no maintenance on your side. We take care of the program, you take care of the taxes.
  • No more networking. If you have multiple computers in your office, they don’t have to be networked together! Set up for offices is simple and fast!
  • The program is completely mobile. If you have internet, you can prepare taxes! Work from home, visit your clients, or even work from a different office for the day.

ProWeb makes taxes simple for you and your company. Navigating through a tax return is fast and easy, so your preparers will be able to complete returns faster. If you have multiple offices, the configuration for the program is much easier than Desktop. All configuration for your company is done in one place. You will not have to travel to each location to setup or install programs for offices anymore. ProWeb can give you back that time so you can focus on other things.

Think ProWeb may be right for you? Call your sales representative today to find out more!