IRS Webinars

Keep updated as a tax professional with IRS webinars. Since January of 2010, the IRS has been conducting IRS Live. This is a panel discussion with industry professionals and IRS experts. The program intends to further educate tax professionals on the most recent and intricate tax issues that affect them and their clients.

During a live webinar, you can submit questions by email while the discussion is going on. You can ask specific questions regarding your current tax dilemmas with forms or clients. You don’t want to disclose any personal information of course.

The best part about IRS Live is you can earn Continuing Professional Education credit. The credit is based on the following criteria:

• Enrolled agents earn one CPE credit for at least 50 minutes of attendance from the start of the webinar.
• You can receive credit if the webinar meets state CPE or organization requirements.
• In order to get the CPE credit, you must use the same email address to register and log in to attend the webinar. This guarantees a Certificate of Completion. So if you want to do it as a group, each person must register separately.
• The Certificate of Completion will come in about a week by email.
• You can receive the CPE credit by watching archived webinars if you don’t need a Certificate of Completion.

IRS Live comes on at 2 p.m. Eastern Time every two months. You can even download Microsoft Outlook reminders for upcoming events.

Archived seminars are listed below and here.

• The Examination Process for Employment Tax Returns (June, 2011)
• Requirements for Federal Tax Return Preparers (March, 2011)
• Getting Ready for Filing Season 2011 – Individuals and Businesses (January 2011)
• Making a Noticeable Difference (November, 2010)
• Collecting Employer Taxes on Tips (September, 2010)
• New Requirements for Tax Return Preparers – Learn the Who, What When, Where and How (June, 2010)
• Tips on Tips Reporting, Filing Form 8027, Employer’s Annual Income Tax Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips (March, 2010)
• Getting Ready for Filing Season – Individuals and Businesses (January, 2010)
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