IRS Tracking Number Required for IRS E-File this Tax Season

This year the IRS has issued Tracking Numbers for anyone who wishes to electronically file returns. This will allow the IRS to prevent any unauthorized e-filing with your EFIN. It is important for you to retrieve this number from your e-Services and update your My Account before the beginning of e-file. Do not wait! If you have any complications entering your e-Services account, such as forgot password, the information will have to be mailed to you and could take days to arrive. Waiting until January before gathering this information and updating your My Account can delay you e-filing your client’s returns. We strongly encourage you to do this now, well before the start of the tax season.

How to Access Your Tracking Number:

From your e-Services account, you will need to access the ESAM Application Landing Page. From the list of Applications, you will see the Tracking Number next to the Application Status.

How to Update Your My Account:

Once you have the Tracking Number from e-Services, you will then put that number under the Company Info section of your My Account. This will need to be added before any other change can be made to your Company Info.