IRS Notification-Miscalculation on CP2000 Notices

The IRS has notified tax professionals and taxpayers regarding the interest miscalculation on certain CP2000 notices mailed between the weeks of July 1


and July 8


. This notification was sent via email on July 12


and later this month, there is to be a special follow-up message mailed to the recipients of the miscalculated notices.


The IRS has admitted the discovered errors on the notices during the two-week period. The aforementioned notices contained errors on the interest calculation portion, stating what was owed on proposed taxes from under-reported income. The miscalculated figures were lower than they should have been. The IRS stated that any future mailings would not have this issue.


The special follow-up message will encourage those who received the error notice to call a specified toll-free number or receive the correct interest amount by writing to the IRS.